Heavy Metal Marketing

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 Note: ReadyMade sales page is included with this product, additional relevant product materials such as sales graphics, product eCover, editable .psd files, Wordpress theme, adsense niche site and etc may included with the product.

7 complete mini-site graphic packages which you can modify with your product or business name.
What You Get!
Each mini-site pack comes complete with:
A medium size box
A spiral bound report
A paperback book image
A package graphic of all of the above
Johnson Box
Testimonial box
Guarantee box
Tick Boxes in 3 sizes
4 Call-to-action buttons including... 'buy-now', 'sign-up now', 'add to cart', and 'tell-a-friend' button
Includes 8 animated banners in standard sizes:
You’ll also receive the FLATTENED PSDs and fonts that will allow you to add your own product name or domain name onto the templates.
Let me walk you through each template...
Minisite Template #1
- Cash Cow System
This soft-blue template will make an ideal squeeze page and report that informs the user on how to make money using a single technique. It will also make a great template for a low-cost $7 report. The soft blue and green theme make it completely inviting and friendly and will have many people gathering round your site!
Minisite Template #2
- Viral Marketing
Viral Marketing is a subject onto itself that has proven to be very popular over the years. This metal theme, similar to the theme of this site you're on now, has a great WOW factor to it and will stop visitors in their tracks. Due to the more expensive feel to this site, you will do well using this graphic set to sell your own product.
Minisite Template #3
- Lost In The I.M. Jungle
No matter how many solutions, ways and methods to making money online, there will always be people, especially newbies who will be 'lost' by information overload. As the theme implies, it was designed to clear the air and help people find their way online. Great for handing out a free report in exchange for a name and email, and also great as an affiliate landing page to promote other people's products!
Minisite Template #4
- Detective Marketing
Marketing involved more than just putting together website and selling a product. Most of the work will stem from research and marketing. This theme will pair up great with a product on keyword research, niche marketing, forum marketing, or for a piece of software that digs into niches for you and spy on competition!
Minisite Template #5
- Aggressive Marketing
This agressive marketing template will make a great platform to sell your own 'underground' type eBook or video tutorials. Due to it's darkness and mysterious feel, it will perform well in squeeze pages and make for a great viral marketing site that displays one-time offers!
Minisite Template #6
- Work From Home
One of the major search terms typed into the search engines, this cartoon themed 'Work From Home' template will make a great introductary product or free report to making money in the online world. Use it to promote an 'online survey product', a 'freelancing guide', a 'bum marketing' guide, an 'affiliate marketing' guide and so on.
Minisite Template #7
- Make Money Online
Similar to the previous template except more serious, this 'Make Money Online' template will make for a great entry level product. If you already own a PLR product with a specific guide to making money online with article marketing, affiliate marketing, product creation, list building or so on, this template will act as your sales person!

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