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WP Shield - Protect your downloads instantly !


Here's A Quick And Easy Way To Stop Thieves Stealing Your Software Or Ebooks Directly From Your WordPress Download Pages - By Making Your Download Links Expire Automatically !


Do you sell downloadable products such as ebooks and software?


If so, did you know that you're probably being ripped off on a regular basis?


Thieves can steal copies of your products by illegally accessing your download pages.


This usually happens when someone buys a copy of your product then shares their download link with other people, through email or forums.


The problem can then be compounded by search engines picking up links up from a forum - and then making it accessible to anyone doing a search.


The only really effective solution to this problem is to make your links "expire". This means that a download link is usable for just a limited period of time (specified by you), rendering the link useless to forum and search engine traffic after this period.


WP Shield offers a quick and easy way to automatically create these expiring download links for any product.


When your customers pay, they are provided with a new link that is valid for a specific time (set by you). When the link expires, it is completely useless to anyone.


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