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Turbo SPY Tracker Software is used to track your traffic, and stop playing guessing games with your Internet business!


Here are just some ideas of how you can use this script to unleash the cash flow into your internet business :


- To track multiple offers at the same time, no need to waste time hopping from stats area to stats area. it'll all be under one roof.


- To test different versions of the same offer at the same time and you can set up different versions of the same page on your domain and see where the traffic is coming from, then get true results based on science, not ignorance.


- To track your PPC spending from one location and simply plug in your cost per click, and you can figure out how much you're pending, avoiding wasted marketing budgets.


- In membership sites, is to isolate what hot buttons are driving your market, so you can custom tailor your membership. Once you know who's looking at your site and who's referring traffic to your site, you can start to gain an advanced understanding of your market which is invaluable.


- INTERESTING IDEA: You could use this script to track individual pages’ performance and traffic automatically.


- Plus much, much more (get creative)

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